LEAN 6 SIGMA Training - Lisbon
(starts on 2018, Nov 12th)

The growing importance of Lean Six Sigma in establishing business relations by Eduardo Oliveira Costa




Lean Six Sigma combines the power and rigor of Six Sigma together with the simplicity and effectiveness of Lean tools in order to deliver hard savings to the organizations.

Through Lean Six Sigma implementation, organizations are able to achieve the following combination in a measurable way: Processes Cycle Time reduction vs. Products and Services Quality improvement.

Companies like Toyota and GE, among others, are implementing Lean Six Sigma in their Manufacturing and Services businesses.

Toyota is adding the Six Sigma structure and training methods to its training process in order to have faster and reliable results.

GE broadly known by the successful Six Sigma implementation, is now applying Lean tools in order to eliminate waste and improve speed.

Beyond these two benchmark companies, Lean Six Sigma is also applied in Healthcare, Insurance, Pharma, Banking, Aerospace, IT and Retail organizations.

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